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“AQ’s Coaching Method is so simple that can be explained in just three words i.e. UNDERSTAND – UNDERGO – UPGRADE.  With 30+ years of snooker experience I believe that the lack of snooker understanding by players keeps them stuck in one level, with AQ’s method a snooker player can refine his/her skills & upgrade their game & performance. Understanding required i.e. Correct Cueing, Balanced Stance, Hitting/Shot Finish & most important understanding of the  Advance Game Concepts.”

Arshad Ali Qureshi

Founder ( AQ Snooker)



We Are The Best Snooker School And Club For A Champions

Refine your skills & elevate your game with our professional snooker coaching & training programs/methods, designed to sharpen your technique & boost your performance the table.  AQ Snooker offers following services & More:

Arshad Ali

Founder, AQ Snooker


Online Courses

Live Streaming

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Courses For Players & Coaches


Coaching Equipment’s

High-Quality Professional Coaching

AQ Snooker offers top-notch coaching by experienced professionals who can teach all levels, from beginners to advanced players. This includes technical skills like stance, grip, cue action, and strategy development. Tailored training programs designed for each player / coach based on their skill level, goals, strengths, and areas needing improvement. This includes personalized practice routines, mental coaching, and physical conditioning.

Disc - 10%

Professional Achievement

Disc -15%

Basic Skills

Captured Moments From Player & Member

Explore unforgettable moments shared by our players and members, captured in candid snapshots that reflect the heart of our community.

Become A Professional Player With Us

Join us and transform into a professional player under our guidance and expertise.

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Benefits to Join US!

AQ Snooker has perfect cuesport memberships tailored to your requirements & preferences.  We are a dedicated professionals nurturing talent and cultivating champions in the world of cuesport.

Get 25% Disc

Online Coaching Course

Enroll in our comprehensive online coaching course and elevate your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Live Streaming

Experience the action firsthand with our live streaming service, bringing the excitement of the game directly to your screen. Free Sign Up to enjoy our regular live streaming of coaching sessions & snooker / pool / cuesports tournaments all over the world

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