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Become A Snooker Canada’s Certified Coach (International Coaching Program)

$ 600

Snooker Canada is world’s most renowned association in support and promoting snooker not only in Canada but for rest of the world ( ). Snooker Canada & AQ Snooker Join hands in supporting snooker coaches all over the world through Snooker Canada’s International Coach Certification Program & ever since being examiner / trainer AQ Snooker has developed a professional coaching curriculum for coaches. All senior players coaches are welcome to join Snooker Canada’s coaching global team and get yourself added into their coaching database. Any question please feel free to send an email on or and please visit Snooker Canada’s Coaching team

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Arshad Qureshi is a National Coach for Snooker Canada please visit & now AQ snooker is the only certifying & Coaching body for snooker coaches around the world on behalf of snooker Canada. So feel free to join this coach certification program and learn to have your own coaching scheme for your fellow players and coaches in your country and around the globe.

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